Caldera Scarf Edition Santorini

120,00 €

Scarf edition Santorini – Caldera

Large, classy, 100% silk scarf, 90cm x 90 cm with a vivid multicoloured fuchsia, violet pattern on the black background with a fuchsia frame. Your go-to for all the latest trends multipurpose scarf can be worn as a scarf, pareo, blouse, shawl.

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Accessories suggestion:

• silver or gold jewelry

• statement colorful chandelier earrings,  

• dangle & drop earrings

• cashmere, mohair

Bottom to match:

• Business: white pencil skirt.

• Glamourous: wide gray skirt 

Shoe suggestion:

• Conservative: nude or silver heels

• Adventurous: healed sandal 

Top Details:

• Length: body

• Neckline:  V-cut neckline

• Back: straight

• Straps

Hairstyle: Hair up, ponytail

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