Our seamstresses

In late March we have started sawing high-quality fabric masks. As the mask took off, we also applied to be a part of the Project “Local Heroes” at BIPA. This amazing initiative from one hand was supporting local companies and their business in the tough times from the other hand supplying BIPA clients with a high-quality product.

Throughout April and May our tailors were sawing a hundred of masks a week, and packed by me from 4th disctrict apartment.

Here our hard-working seamstresses at work. THANK YOU :-)

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Fabric Masks

AT BURELL we sew elegant, stylish dresses for the professional woman. We combine our classic designs with vivid colours. A guarantee is made to maintain the highest quality, while producing dresses that are made with hand detail.

In this tough times, we also support our and BIPA clients and sewing fabric masks for women, men and children.

Stay healthy,

BURELL Founder, Elwira Burdzy

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Burell Spring/Summer 2020 New Collection Launch

It’s here! BURELL Spring/Summer 2020 has arrived!

BURELL returns with more of what you love! Great new additions for any wardrobe: vivid colors, classic cuts, elegant and complimentary tailored designs.

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Burell is 2! Happy Birthday!

Come have a cocktail with BURELL’s founder and designer, Elwira Burdzy to celebrate two years of BURELL designs.

When: 5th, March 2020, 6pm

Where: eL Fashion, Lerchenfelder Str 135-137, 1070 Vienna

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Empowering Women

“Empowering Women”

BURELL is empowering all women. Not only our loyal customers, but also those who need help to get back on their feet. 

In February, BURELL will dedicate 10% of sales towards sewing dresses for the Organization AÖF – Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser. The AÖF – Autonome Österreichische Frauenhäuser offers protection and help to abused and threatened women.

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