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“Principles” is guaranteed to make a statement of professionalism and femininity. The matching white collar and ‘belt’ details make “Principles" ideal for a wide range of business needs. Be it a day at the office, a conference, a business meeting or a job interview, “Principles” provides a classic feminine look. The collar is detachable, making it a versatile addition to any businesswoman’s wardrobe.

Dress Code: Business Formal
Occasion: Boardroom
Event: Conferences, Job Interviews, T2T Meetings, Business Trip

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Accessories suggestion:

  • small earrings
  • subtle multiple rings

Shoe suggestion:

  • Conservative: nude or gray
  • Adventurous: fuchsia

Dress Details:

  • Neckline: round neckline, detachable collar
  • Sleeves: short sleeves
  • Length: below the knee
  • Zipper: 58 cm
  • Darts: 4 darts back and front
  • Belt: is sown into the dress


  • Bun & Up dos
  • Ponytail


  • 37% Viskose,
  • 58% Polyester,
  • 5% Elastan.
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