Champagne Dreams SKIRT

350,00 €

Champagne Dreams in Dove Silver & Powder Pink

This beautiful feminine piece is the BURELL solution for any formal event. It’s elegant, shape and cut make it feel modern while offering all the elegance formal situations require. Silky to the touch, with a floating, graceful movement as you walk. Because this skirt has so many options for a matching top, it is a perfect edition to any wardrobe. It’s subdued colouring enables you to wear it numerous times, while presenting it with different tops, making it a new piece each time you step out.

Dress Code: Cocktail

Occasion: Upscale


  • Fundraiser Dinner
  • Upscale Business Dinner
  • Wedding
  • Weekend Cocktail Parties
  • Stylish Brunch
  • Opera

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Accessories suggestion:

  • silver jewelry
  • statement earrings
  • large vivid necklace
  • cashmere, mohair

Top to match:

  • Business: white cotton blouse
  • Glamourous: silk pastel blouse 

Shoe suggestion:

  • Conservative: nude or silver heels
  • Adventurous: healed sandal

Skirt Details:

  • Length: knee-length front, ankle-length back
  • Belt: 12cm
  • Zipper: 20 cm - left side
  • Darts: 4 front and 2 back

Hairstyle: Hair up


  • 60% cotton
  • 40% polyester


  • size: 34/36
  • wearing size 36
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